The European Commission is preparing to launch Open Research Europe , its own research and publishing service, which will give Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries the opportunity to publish their results in full compliance with European open access policy.

The official launch of the platform will take place in early 2021, but the submission of materials will begin in a few weeks, so all beneficiaries of the above programs need to prepare in advance. Separately, the dissemination of information below is welcome.

Open Research Europe will provide all beneficiaries and researchers of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe with a simple, high-quality peer-reviewed platform for publishing their results in open access, absolutely free of charge, and in full compliance with European open access policies. The costs of processing the articles will be paid under the contract for the purchase of publishing and technology services with F1000 Research, which is managed by the European Commission. The service will also be available after the end of grants.

The platform will accept publications from all fields of science. The research must be original and follow from the grants of Horizon 2020 (and later Horizon Europe), in which at least one of the authors participates. Guidelines for publishing articles on the platform were recently published and will be available in early December 2020.

The platform will use a model of immediate publication of submitted materials, after which a transparent and open review will be conducted with invited experts, including all supporting data. The names of the reviewers will be open, as will their reviews, which can also be cited.

The platform boasts a strong international Scientific Advisory Board , which advises the EC on strategic scientific issues.

Therefore, if you are a beneficiary of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, you have the right to publish on this platform research articles arising from your research funded by the programs. Your involvement is key to the success of this initiative, so don’t hesitate to share all of the above with other current or potential Horizon members.